Specialist in Financing

Degree in Economics’

Courses in lettering

Professional Photography

Arts and crafts


Translation service

(English, (Russian,


Spanish and French)

Future Licensed Real Estate Agent

Color decor decorator


Bachelor of Science in Aviation
AS Electrical and Electronics
AS Avionics

AS Maintenance Management

 W/ A&P License



AA Engineering




Computer Science Technician

Web site designer

Lockheed Martine 

Skunk Works Engineer


Our Story:

Once upon a time, People from two different ends of the Earth had a dream. they wanted to be the best at anything they did. A perfectionist to a degree.  Hard as it may seem, Love always gets in the way. When they first meet, there interest and likes aligned to create a wonderful world together. To further the dreams and likes of each other, and to be the best they could be. Oksana is a wonderful translator and is a necessary part of any travel destination.  An excellent choice for decorating homes and selling them. I love building and making things work, modifying them to be better than there original designs. Together we are an unstoppable team, with Nazar our child wonder on the computer.

Meeting in Mykolaiv Ukraine as a Translator Oksana was always warm, kind and happy, she made me fall in love with her, her charm, smarts and kindness was always from the heart. During the very long USICS process we grew to know each other deeper. Slowed down by Co-vid, and currently open boarders in the south, we will just work together but apart until one day hopefully unity brings us together.

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