Foods we eat Healthy or unhealthy, good teasting, or after retraining your taste buds, real foods that you’ll crave!

Polyarchy  a form of government in which power is invested in multiple people that is to say we the people have the say. Do we? We vote for a Government who seem powerless to stop big corporations from wasteful abusive practices. As we become more aware of our foods GMO’s and things that are bad we see corporations that had once added fat’s to our foods so we could palate the food’s they  made, (fat used as a favor) Its was soon replaced by sugars, as we the people stopped buying sugar flavored products sugars were replaced by hidden sugars, Molasses, brown rice, Aspartame ((poison) the fact that Aspartame is not natural substance the human body needs or uses. Sugar’s that are not real but mimic the shapes of the real sugar molecules. They fit into our sugars receptor taste buds. Fooling us to think it’s sweet.  Aspartame is also the main ingredient in Splenda.  It was originally tested bad by the FDA, then tested good years later after the FDA board was replaced by head Leaders of Corporations, bring suspicion and doubt.  So why add it? Taste!)), Maltose, corn syrup, lactose, fructose, glucose etc..  Sugars produce candida ((yeast) the bad bacteria)) and Antibiotics promote yeast infections, large chicken farms inject there chickens directly and we eat them! So if the Chickens had their shots and are healthy how does that affect us? Are we taking the Antibiotics? Well, Antibiotics are given to the chicken that are already healthy to make them fatter. The chicken become immune to the several types of bacteria this resistance can spread to humans and we then become immune to antibiotics. How? Though spontaneous or induced genetic mutation, or the acquisition of resistance genes from other bacterial species by horizontal gene transfer via conjugation transduction or transformation. Huh? Conjugation-( the transfer of genetic material (plasmid) between bacterial cells by direct cell-to-cell   Coby abridge-like connection between two cells).                                             

 Transduction, (where DNA is transferred from one bacterium to another by a virus) Transformation. ( is the genetic alteration of a cell resulting from the direct uptake and incorporation of exogenous genetic material) Many antibiotic resistance genes reside on transmissible plasmids, facilitating their transfer. The European countries have band the use of Antibiotics in chickens, however the thought in the US is there is no proof that a human resistance has been linked.  So they can’t be guilty because no one has done a study. Wait aren’t people innocent until proving guilty? Not so if you are a corporatocracy (monarchy). Here you are innocent until proven guilty. So long as you don’t have the big dollars to fund the research you will continue to eat foods that just are not healthy.  To evoke change companies like McDonalds, Popeye’s, Wendy’s, KFC and many others all stopped buying from these big chicken companies after listen to people’s concerns. As a result the big companies got a shock in there wallet, only then did they realize that it might be cheaper to not use antibiotic and many have reported that they stopped. The same can be said for GMO’s what is that? Genetically modified organisms, they are in almost everything we eat. GMO- Organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally (World Health Org.)It might be better to call them Government modified organisms, as the Government or FDA and USDA is controlled by large corporations and decide the regulations for its use. If the cow is feed corn that was injected with modified DNA (BT corn) (BT-Corn-The Bt protein is expressed throughout the plant. When a vulnerable insect eats the Bt-containing plant, the protein is activated in its gut, which is alkaline (the human gut is acidic), In the alkaline environment the protein partially unfolds and is cut by other proteins, forming a toxin that paralyzes the insect’s digestive system and forms holes in the gut wall. The insect stops eating within a few hours and eventually starves. Wikipedia) then we too may soon be enhance. That’s good right? Sure, a study by Doctor Gilles, Eric Serallni who tested NK603 (BT toxin) on Rat’s (Sprague-Dawley type) The Male’s had liver and kidney damage and estrogen doubled, while the females at 6 months to a year experienced tumors ( (cancer) During cell division, the telomere ends become shorter. Telomere-region of cell responsible for DNA during division).  This equates to midlife in humans as rats live two years and were experiencing symptoms at 1 year. When confronted with the research the multimillion dollars companies claimed he used the wrong rats, to discredit him. These rats were chosen as the same rats that were used in the original testing by the biotech companies. So if you can use the good Doctors research to decide. Sure! GMO’s were first commercialized in 1996 so for 19 years we have been the Rat’s, if midlife for us is 35, then in 16 years we will know how safe this product really is. In defense of the big major companies promoting GMO labeled GM on their web site No information was found other then they are committed to safety and have had extensive research and passed all strict guide lines. In looking for the test results on their test study’s, it was the sound of silent. Ok so what’s wrong with man boobs? it’s just a little estrogen to man, and a few tumors for women. It beats starving to death.  A little DNA change and now you can spray the plants with herbicides and kill everything but the crops you’re growing for food. Filling the ground water and rivers with Atrazine.     On December 19, 2013 six Chinese citizens were indicted in Iowa on charges of plotting to steal genetically modified seeds worth tens of millions of dollars from Monsanto and DuPont. Mo Hailong, director of international business at the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., part of the Beijing-based DBN Group, was accused of stealing trade secrets after he was found digging in an Iowa cornfield. It sure be noted that many farmers that have a lot of land and try to stay away from DNA altered seeds. Can still lose if the low price per acre of harvest did not drive them out of business, Then it was the wind blow DNA altered seed that was found mixed with the crop’s that did! As the big companies that product the DNA altered sued them for patent infringement. Now a mix of less than 1% is allowed.  It’s really hard to think you can patent nature but it was done. Next time you see a beautiful plant or tree in the wild, be careful you don’t get caught snipping a piece of it off for your yard, It could be tied to a patent and you could be sued. Really! Yes Really! Ask the farmer’s that are no more! “Haitian farmers burn seeds donated by the Monsanto Company after Earthquake”, When faced with genetically altered seeds. Haitian’s do not want to have to rebuy there, safe to consume, seeds. They feel they will be poisoned by them.  It should be noted that fish farms that relay on the ecosystem using nature to feed them have a more productive harvest then those that feed the fish 30% chicken in a tank. Wait, why feed them chickens don’t they have to be grown?  Yes, but their or more chicken then fish. ?? The process doesn’t make sense and I am sure the chickens eat corn.  Since 1997, Monsanto has filed 145 lawsuits, or on average about 9 lawsuits every year for 16 straight years, against farmers who have “improperly reused their patented seeds.”  The biotech giant hasn’t lost a single case.     On November 4th, citizens of the Hawaiian island Maui successfully voted to prohibit any growth and testing or cultivation of genetically modified crops until scientific studies prove their safety. They have won the vote, but I I feel they will lose their case. It’s not just the use of these Toxins that worry people (Are you sure?) it’s what it does to the ecosystem and those with no regards for it. Bee’s that make us honey dead, butterfly, ladybugs, etc. those that are Beneficial’s to the ecosystem as well as food for the birds. With 7 billion people and 1 billion hungry, organic farmers can feed the world despite the view that large corporations say we can’t. Bill after bill and state after state to label product’s using GMO have failed to pass. It’s corporate greed that is standing in the way of the people’s interest. Or could it be something more sinister? For now I will stick to my Amino acids meal replacement shake labelled no GMO’s and whey product with strict guide line on how the cows are raised and feed. (With grass!) I am not against technology for the better but story after story about GMO’s and nature being tampered with and no seeable test results has got me thinking, boycott these company’s .How if it’s in all the food? Just stop eating!   By Ron Brennand

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